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Character: Jacob Durand

Age: 143 // 23

Species: Vampire (BtVS, Bumpy Forehead, Turns to dust if staked)

FC: Sebastian Stan

Quick Facts: Jacob Durand was a thief and a con man when Angelus’ sire Darla found him in Paris, France in 1893 and decided to immortalize his beautiful face. She molded him into a low member of society, lighting a fire under him and bringing out the artist. But Darla wasn’t fond of his artists temperament, though, and after several months of being kept and played with almost much like a pet she turned him out into the coldest winter on record.

But Jacob’s good looks and smooth charm meant he was never lonely for long, and he spent over a century moving from society maven to actress to whatever other woman would keep him in the luxury to which he was now accustom. Until he was prowling Paris again, his old stomping grounds, and met Charles Salvatore’s beautiful daughter at a dinner being held for charity. It was a mutual decision to change her, preserving her beauty as well, and they were inseparable.

In 2012 Jacob left Delia to meet with a nameless master vampire, but no one is sure what they talked about. Whatever it was, the master must not have liked what Jacob had to say and ordered his juggernaut minions to finish him off. Even Jacob isn’t sure how he escaped, but he woke with a broken neck and internal bleeding, beaten so badly that he hardly recognized himself. But vampires heal quickly, and his face (his meal ticket) slowly became the one he recognized again.

Several months passed of recuperation that was taking far longer than it should. When a rumored Hellmouth sprang up in the Midwest, Jacob knew what he had to do. Once he was whole again, he could go in search of Delia.

What’s he like? Jacob is vain and has a short temper. If ever a vampire could be called sassy, Jacob fits the bill. All of his tenderness is reserved for Delia.

What can he do? A painter, Jacob is a close study of people and landscapes and eventually learned  to tell when someone was lying to him. He’s charming, a skilled artist and fluent in both French and English. He also possesses the speed, strength and agility of other vampires.

Who does he know? Delia Salvatore, Buffy Summers (has fought).

Plot // Most Wanted // Rules // Apply

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