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Updates: Admin Changes & Accepted Characters

We’re sorry to have to say goodbye to admin Gemma (pardon the lack of updates this week!) who we’re going to have a hard time getting along without. We are in the market for a new admin to co-run the updates blog.

We’re waiting on one more application before the newly accepted characters are added to the follow list, thank you for your patience!

thetrueimmortal asked:
Your "most wanted" and "open males" lists don't match up. Which one is up to date?

Thanks for pointing that out! Big mistake on our part, they should both be up to date now.



Updates: Pages Updated

The Most Wanted and Open Character pages have been updated.

Activity Check & Reopened Characters

Activity Check:

  1. Stiles Stilinski

Reopened Characters:

  1. Cora Hale
  2. Lydia Martin
  3. Allison Argent
  4. Dean Winchester
  5. Sam Winchester
  6. Stefan Salvatore
  7. Damon Salvatore
  8. Elena Gilbert

Updates - Guess Who’s Rolling Out New OCs?

We have a slew of new OC’s rolling out that we hope you’ll get a kick out of. Our hiatus isn’t over yet, but we can’t wait to get our new characters out there!

Do you have a FC you’d love to see? Send us an ask, anon or not, and we’ll see what we can do!

she-wolf-erica-reyes asked:
Would you be interested in having an Erica (Teen Wolf) in this RP? I'd really like to apply for that.

Hey there! We definitely would, as Erica’s fate was brought back into question in June or July, right? Since we can’t confirm she’s gone, please feel free to apply!

Anonymous asked:
What does your Stiles player ship?

Hey there, Nonnie! You can see our Stiles player info by CLICKING HERE. Hope that helps! :)


We’re on a little hiatus for work and school, but it won’t be long and we’re still taking applications!

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ilyriatheoldone asked:
Here's Illyria's account!

Follow Illyria!


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Illyria, welcome to Kansas City! You’ve got 48 hours to send us your game account. We’re excited to have you!

Name: Nina
Age: (must be over 18) 33
Timezone: US Central Standard

Name: Illyria
Age: Eons
FC: (Only if OC.)
Show: (BtVS, SPN, TVD & TW) BtVS/Angel
Short Bio: (linking to an outside source is fine, the bio will be used to write an excerpt for the Master List page)